Jerbrel’s Music Lessons: Elevating Musical Skills with Expert Guidance

A music lesson is an individual or group instruction in the singing or playing of musical instruments. Lessons typically take place in a private setting with the student and a music teacher, although group instruction can also be offered. Music lessons are offered as a form of amateur and recreational music education as well as professional training for those students wishing to pursue a career in music performance.

Jerbrel offers premium beginner piano, guitar and ukulele lessons in-home and online for students mainly located in central & west Los Angeles (Larchmont Village, Hancock Park, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Silver Lake). Piano students will learn the fundamentals of playing through a song based teaching curriculum that will help develop their understanding & knowledge of music while preparing them to take MTNA JBM Music Lessons – guitar, bass, piano & ukulele teacher  exams if desired. Guitar & Ukulele students will learn how to play the instrument of their choice and will build on their technical ability as well as their repertoire. Students wishing to participate in live band performances will also be given the opportunity to do so.

Students will also receive basic music theory instruction in addition to learning how to play their chosen instrument. This includes learning how to read music, understanding note values, and the basics of rhythm. Musicians will also be taught how to create good, pleasing tone and use dynamics (loudness & softness) in their music to make it more expressive.

With a background in professional performance and teaching, Jerbrel brings his unique perspective to the music lesson arena. Having served as the director of the Pioneer High School marching band for 10 years he has an extensive amount of experience in both the educational and artistic aspects of music. He currently holds a tenure position as an elementary music theory 1 & AP music theory teacher at Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts in Rochester NY. His musical arrangement of the “doxology” was performed in Germany and his drumline cadences have been heard on SciMax radio.